Outstanding Results Through Automation

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A Quantitative Approach

Tishler Capital is committed to reimagining quantitative trading through intelligent, automated technologies.


Years of research have resulted in a transformative meta-system; capable of creating algorithmic trading systems for liquid assets.


An active trading approach allows for rapid reactions to market dynamics; our system features high turnover and novel alpha.


Our technology puts the market on autopilot; our experts oversee daily operations to ensure goals are met at a fine granularity.

About Tishler Capital

A quantitative proprietary trading firm, Tishler Capital is trading company's capital to build a track record for our new technology and processes. Our technology went live in December 2018.

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The challenge of a lifetime, well met by technology

Our passion for building an automated fund stems from a rich history in problem solving. Searching, optimizing, learning, designing, inventing; these are things we love to do with machine intelligence and computing resources.

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Infinite potential to scale in a global marketplace

Our unique approach leverages experiences in machine learning, distributed computing, data analysis, and portfolio management to create a modern trading business. We apply our technology to an ever growing portfolio of diversified assets.

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